Our Mission:
To understanding how every day social and environmental stress impacts lung health in urban communities to inform targeted interventions and therapies that improve lung-related health outcomes in historically disadvantaged communities.

Research Focus

The CLEAR Lab focuses on health disparities research in obstructive lung disease (asthma and COPD). We are interested in the individual and neighborhood effects of psychosocial/social stress on disease susceptibility and morbidity among individuals from vulnerable populations. The primary research goals for the CLEAR Lab are directed towards:

  • defining obstructive lung disease phenotypes that exist in racially/ethnically diverse communities
  • developing risk profiles that identify individuals at high risk for poor outcomes
  • developing targeted interventions aimed at social and environmental factors to improve asthma in high-risk groups.

To successfully achieve these goals, we have employed community-engaged methods ranging from querying community stakeholders for input on scientific questions and research methods to participatory research methods through our Youth Participatory Action Research program.