Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

The proposed project aims to address the health impacts of extreme heat and wildfire smoke events, which disproportionately affect vulnerable communities that do not have access to the economic, social, or political resources needed to respond. The project team plans to build sustainable partnerships with community stakeholders using community-based participatory action research to identify, develop, lead, and disseminate patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) and comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) that are tailored to local needs and priorities. By bringing together community stakeholders, municipality stakeholders, including the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SF DPH), the San Francisco Office of Resilience and Capital Planning (ORCP), and UCSF researchers with comparative effectiveness research expertise, the team will build capacity for engagement and research related to climate and health. Through this new partnership, the team aims to:

  • Build and engage a community stakeholder group from San Francisco neighborhoods and community-based organizations serving areas disproportionately impacted by extreme heat and poor air quality
  • With community partners, identify priority climate-related health conditions, patient-centered outcomes, and acceptable community-level interventions strategies
  • Prioritize through a stakeholder partnership process acceptable interventions that target climate-related health priorities and patient-centered outcomes to develop a comparative effectiveness research agenda to guide future testing

The Heat and Air Quality Resilience (HAQR) project, initiated by the San Francisco Department of Public Health and Office of Resilience and Capital Planning, has provided the foundation to engage community stakeholders in prioritizing climate-related health conditions and identifying acceptable community-level interventions through surveys and focus groups with residents and patients from high-risk neighborhoods. The project team has a history of working with diverse communities to address environmental contributors to poor health and will use various strategies to identify five patients and advocates to compose the community stakeholder group, which will be integrated as an equal partner in HAQR. At the conclusion of the project, the team will have engaged a group of community stakeholders to serve as research partners for future PCOR, identified community priority health conditions to focus on two to three acceptable interventions that address priority health conditions, and developed a PCOR/CER research agenda to test such interventions.


Project Summary/Abstract

PCORI Community Stakeholder Partners_______________________

For decades, the Coalition on Homelessness has developed the leadership skills of homeless San Franciscans to forge true solutions to the housing crisis and beat back mean-spirited attacks against them.

Golden Gate Senior Services’ mission is to maintain and improve the well-being of older adults and adults with disabilities. Our neighborhood-based centers, the Richmond and Castro Senior Centers, foster healthy aging through activities, nutrition, education and friendship.

From children’s services to healthy aging & disability, Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. has been serving the community with empowering multi-cultural, multigenerational social services for 125 years.


The mission of NICOS Chinese Health Coalition is to enhance the health and well-being of the San Francisco Chinese community. The coalition fulfills its mission through research, training, advocacy, coalition-building and program implementation.

Rafiki Coalition’s mission is to eliminate health inequities in San Francisco’s Black and marginalized communities through education, advocacy, and by providing holistic health and wellness services in a culturally affirming environment.

Since 1966, Self-Help for the Elderly has provided assistance and support to seniors in the San Francisco area. We provide trustworthy and devoted care for seniors to promote their independence, dignity and self-worth.


Southwest Community Corporation provides quality enriched, culturally appropriate programming and access to services based in Lakeview/Oceanview- Merced Heights-Ingleside communities in San Francisco.