Morgan Ye, MPH

Research Data Analyst

Morgan Ye is a Research Data Analyst. She conducts statistical analysis and data management for all Clear Lab research projects. She received a Masters in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley, with a concentration in epidemiology and biostatistics. 


The epidemiology of atopic dermatitis in older adults: A population-based study in the United Kingdom.

PloS one

Chan LN, Magyari A, Ye M, Al-Alusi NA, Langan SM, Margolis D, McCulloch CE, Abuabara K

Patterns of Atopic Eczema Disease Activity From Birth Through Midlife in 2 British Birth Cohorts.

JAMA dermatology

Abuabara K, Ye M, Margolis DJ, McCulloch CE, Mulick AR, Silverwood RJ, Sullivan A, Williams HC, Langan SM

Pediatrics adverse childhood experiences and related life events screener (PEARLS) and health in a safety-net practice.

Child abuse & neglect

Thakur N, Hessler D, Koita K, Ye M, Benson M, Gilgoff R, Bucci M, Long D, Burke Harris N

Clinical onset of atopic eczema: Results from 2 nationally representative British birth cohorts followed through midlife.

The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology

Abuabara K, Ye M, McCulloch CE, Sullivan A, Margolis DJ, Strachan DP, Paternoster L, Yew YW, Williams HC, Langan SM

Acculturation is associated with asthma burden and pulmonary function in Latino youth: The GALA II study.

The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology

Thakur N, Borrell LN, Ye M, Oh SS, Eng C, Meade K, Avila PC, Farber HJ, Serebrisky D, Brigino-Buenaventura E, Rodriguez-Cintron W, Kumar R, Bibbins-Domingo K, Thyne S, Sen S, Rodriguez-Santana JR, Burchard EG

Prenatal exposure to TCDD and atopic conditions in the Seveso second generation: a prospective cohort study.

Environmental health : a global access science source

Ye M, Warner M, Mocarelli P, Brambilla P, Eskenazi B

Prenatal DDT exposure and child adiposity at age 12: The CHAMACOS study.

Environmental research

Warner M, Ye M, Harley K, Kogut K, Bradman A, Eskenazi B

Alterations in cardiomyocyte function after pulmonary treatment with stainless steel welding fume in rats.

Journal of toxicology and environmental health. Part A

Popstojanov R, Antonini JM, Salmen R, Ye M, Zheng W, Castranova V, Fekedulegn DB, Kan H